Brigitte Gabriel Reveals The True Nature of Islam…

by Phil Schneider

Sometimes what is needed to enlighten the world is someone who doesn’t pull punches. That is what Brigitte Gabriel is. She doesn’t filter her thoughts in order to be politically correct. She says it like it is, even if the truth hurts.

Following 9/11, there was a big push to not say anything bad about Islam. The problem, many said, was radical Islam. This is indeed true, but it is an overstated point. The main problem of terror in the world is the threat of radical Islam. But it is not that simple. The very religion of Islam includes much of what is generally referred to today as radical Islam.

Brigitte Gabriel was raised in Lebanon where she experienced firsthand the warring factions of different groups of Islamists. Her family’s lives were saved by Israeli soldiers. What were Israeli soldiers doing in Lebanon. They were busy saving the lives of Israelis who lived in the north of Israel. Following constant shelling, the government of Israel decided to stop taking it on the chin and worked on destroying the terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon that Yasser Arafat had created.

Although Israel succeeded, it became embroiled in the midst of a Civil War that left Lebanese Christians, a significant minority of the country, struggling to stay in power. Suicide bombings and other tactics were employed to weaken and kill the Lebanese Christians. It worked. Parts of Lebanon have basically been in a state of power vacuum for many years. The Iranian backed Hizbullah has planted themselves firmly on Israel’s borders and steadily have built up a massive missile threat to Israel. A great debate exists about what the will of most of the people in Lebanon is. Do they support Hizbullah or not? Doe they support an attack on Israel?

Either way, the Israel Defense Forces hold back from instigating warfare until the attacks on it’s citizens are simply unbearable. But the Islamic threat grows from year to year in many pockets of the Middle East – including within Israel proper. Gabriel is right on.

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