“Palestinians” Destroy “Palestine” Narrative with their Reaction to Trump Deal

by Avi Abelow

This is just some of the scenes of the rioting and violence from Arab Muslims in Judea & Samaria in response to President Trump’s deal of the century.

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Back to the rioting. Why in the world are these Arab Muslims rioting? President Trump just revealed a deal to establish a state of Palestine? They should be celebrating, right? Not rioting!!!

Believe it or not, The Arab Muslims of Judea & Samaria are only one piece of the puzzle. Now let’s look at the other piece, Arab Muslims who are Israeli citizens.

This is a delegation of Israeli Arab Muslim dentists, all citizens of Israel! at a conference in Colombia where they sang the anthem for “Palestine” because they refused to sing the Israeli anthem, even though they are Israeli citizens! They are singing “with the longing in my blood for my land and my home” and “Palestine is my home, Palestine is my fire”

Makes sense, right? Even though they are Israeli citizens, they prefer to identify as “Palestinians” so they want to sing the anthem of “Palestine” to no longer live in Israel! Great! Makes perfect sense.

President Trump actually included that as part of his plan, to redraw our border so that an area of Israel with three large Arab Muslim villages would be placed in “Palestine”, without them even having to leave their homes. Just a border change! Beautiful, they get what they want, right?

These are Israeli Arab Muslims from those three villages in the Trump plan to become part of “Palestine” with the border change. They are also protesting the Trump plan! Why? Why in the world would they protest? Ahhh, Because they don’t want to become citizens of “Palestine” and lose their Israeli citizenship! They want to remain Israeli citizens with the equality and social benefits that Israel offers that they would NOT receive as citizens of “Palestine”!!!!!!

Does that make any sense to you? No. It doesn’t. It makes no sense at all to the Western mind. And it shouldn’t make sense. It makes no sense at all! 

And that’s the point that all Western developed “peace” plans totally ignore.

this is not the West! This is the Muslim dominated Middle East with a totally different set of values and mores than the West!

So Let’s go over this again:

1. Arab Muslims in Judea & Samaria, of the potential future state of “Palestine”, are protesting a plan to give them a state.

2. Arab Muslim dentists, who are Israeli citizens, refuse to sing the Israeli anthem, and instead sing the anthem of “Palestine”, highlighting their desire to live in “Palestine”


3. The Israeli Arab Muslims, of the three villages who want to live in “palestine” instead of Israel, protest the Trump plan as well since they do NOT want to become citizens of “palestine”! 

The world doesn’t get it. Our conflict is not a border/security conflict as the Trump plan sets out, otherwise all of the Arab Muslims in Judea & Samaria, and in Israel, would be celebrating! Because They would get a state of their own! Problem solved!

No, our conflict is a religious/cultural conflict. The Arab Muslims in Judea & Samaria don’t want a state, they want to destroy Israel. Hence they protest since the plan demands of them to give up terror and recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. Something unacceptable to them.

The Arab Muslim Israelis protest because Palestine for them is not being residents of “Palestine” with defined borders next to Israel. Palestine for them is a state that REPLACES Israel! 

Until that day happens, there is no way they want to give up their amazing lives as Israeli citizens with equality and social benefits, that they would not have if they became citizens of “Palestine”. 

The sad irony is that if the day came and they succeeded in destroying and replacing Israel with “Palestine”, they would lose all the fabulous benefits they enjoy today living as citizens in the Jewish state of Israel.

People must finally Understand, Palestine” is a code word for the destruction of Israel. Plain and simple. If one supports the creation of Palestine one supports the strategy to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

Because this is the Muslim Middle East, where-non-Muslims are forbidden to have independence and self-determination. 

That is the big failure of Trump’s deal of the century, forcing Israel to accept the future creation of a state called “Palestine” on our ancestral homeland. Because the day that happens is the first day of the next stage of the Arab-Muslim campaign to destroy Israel, yet, then as a recognized state by the international community. It will be an existential danger to Israel.

The irony of it all is that the Jewish state of Israel is a blessing for all Arab Muslims who live with us. And many of them, not all of them, are willing to give that all up in order to destroy the Jewish state of Israel that gives them freedom and equality unlike other Arab-Muslim countries.

Welcome to the Muslim dominated Middle East, Where ISRAEL is a blessing to the region, yet the target for destruction by those who would reap the most from her benefits. 

This is not logical at all. But it is our reality.

Arab Muslim Israelis Who are Proud to Be Israelis

The Jewish state of Israel embraces all who live in Israel, including all Arab Muslim citizens as well. The above two videos are of two Arab Muslim Israelis who are proud Zionists, even though they are Arab Muslims.

Unfortunately, their lives are in danger from their own friends, family and neighbors because they publicly show their appreciation for Israel and boast of being proud Zionists.

Israel is a blessing to all Arab Muslims who live in our borders and appreciate the equality and freedom that they enjoy living in the Jewish state of Israel. Too bad there are so many Arab Muslim Israelis who prefer to support the ultimate destruction of Israel to be replaced by “palestine”, basically harming themselves.

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