Top PA Official Trashes President Trump & His “Deal”

by Micha Gefen

Top PA official curses President Trump and threatens: Whoever accepts Trump’s plan “Will pay the price of treason.”

With this sort of attitude, it is no surprise that most pundits believe that the “Deal of the Century” is DOA, Dead on Arrival. So the question what is the real aim of the deal?

There appears to be more to the “Deal of the Century” than meets the eye. There are some observers that note that the deal itself may just be a set up to get rid of Abbas and much of his corrupt regime. Once out the Trump administration will be able to move forward with a “Palestinian” partner not compromised by terror.

If this is truly the goal of the plan then reactions and statements issued in the video like: “We will not accept the so-called deal of the century or slap of the century or shame of the century or filth of the century,” seem to have secured its aim.

Yet, perhaps this is what is making the “Palestinian” leadership so angry is that Trump has called their lies out and now they may be on the way out. We may find out sooner than we thought.

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