Levites Do Something Remarkable Near the Temple Mount – Is Messiah on His Way?

by Phil Schneider

In the Holy Jewish Temple that stood in Jerusalem for more than 800 years, the job of the Levites was to guard and enhance the Temple service through song. The Temple was a majestical place that connected the physical with the spiritual. This was done through myrida forms of service that connected the various senses to the spiritual. Hearing was arguably the most powerful sense that was activated through powerful and beautiful song. Today it is being reenacted in order to prepare for the future service in the 3rd Temple. 

Can it truly happen – the rebuilding of a 3rd Temple? The answer is that not only can it happen – it most definitely will. But we don’t know how and when. It depends on our actions. 

To the extent that the Jewish people return to the ways of the Holy Bible, it may be sooner than we may expect. To the extent that the Jewish people continue to not strive for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, it will take longer.

The 3rd Temple is the final Temple – prophesied in exact detail by the Prophet Ezekiel. It will be similar to the first 2 Temples in form and design. But it will be different in nature. It will be the culmination of centuries of exile that all end with the total ingathering of the exiles, the return of the Jewish people to their Source, and the complete return of the Jewish people to their place as a Light Unto the Nations. This glimpse into the sounds of the past and the future provides hope to what is today a dream, but will one day become a reality.

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