This Country is Defeating Wokeness

by Phil Schneider

When thinking about Europe, we rarely think about countries that are responding well to the latest developments of modernity. Open borders and wokeness are permeating many of the countries there too. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Hungary is one such exception.

Can a turnaround be accomplished in the United States too? Is the snowballing trend of radical progressive politics destined to continue taking over more and more aspects of Western culture? It sure seems like that today. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Push backs and boomerangs do happen.

Ron DeSantis is probably right in trying to position himself to the right of Donald Trump on many issues. The right-wing and conservative side of the Republican Party is looking for a hard-right alternative to Joe Biden. However, Donald Trump’s messaging is always a very powerful draw among Republicans, and Trump is a super-effecrive campaigner. But the concern that Donald Trump will not be able to attract suburban swing voters is indeed very real. Those voters look, talk, and think like Ron DeSantis.

But Donald Trump’s track record of attacking mass media outlets and not giving a hoot about anybody is actually very attractive to millions of people who are sick and tired of losing the war on the culture.

The problem is that even if Ron DeSantis prevails, most of the young people today in America accept woke progressive non-morals as the ONLY way to think that is legitimate. DeSantis may win, but the trends are going the wrong way. The battle must be fought to win over the hearts and minds of teenagers. The place to win them over is via a relentless battle on social media – not only Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The goal must be to entertain, enlighten, and educate the young minds as to the way to be happy and not miserable.

Woke ideology must be attacked head-on as leading to misery. Woke ideology must be attacked as being a dark form of close-mindedness. The best and brightest minds need to be used to develop an alternative message that will fight the virus that is woke ideology.

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