Lebanese TV host rebukes the entire Arab world for its racism

by Avi Abelow

It cannot be easy to say something like this as a Lebanese TV host. Admonishing your own people is hard to do, but especially in the Arab world!

Lebanese TV Host Admits the Truth

A Lebanese TV host named Joumana Haddad publicly admitted that Arabs are racist. They look down upon other religions and nations. True, not all do. But the fact that she herself is saying this means that it is a common theme amongst her people. And she knows it is holding them back. Haddad knows that Arabs embrace racism; that it is part of their culture.

Admitting such a thing is brave in a world like hers; a world that does not embrace free speech.

But it’s the Sad Truth

Joumana Haddad is not proud of this. She wants things to change. As she said, “It saddens me to tell you this. What increases the value of any country is its level of human advancement, how much interest it shows in culture, and the role it plays in thought – not how many skyscrapers it has.” And sadly, too many in the Arab world do not seem to care to increase their value.

The mentality needs to switch in order for there to be a real improvement. Haddad wants it. Some other Arabs want it, even if they are not able to speak up. They do not want their culture to be racist anymore. Will things change in the Arab world? CAN things change?

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