Lebanese-Druze Villagers Try to Stop Hezbollah from Launching Rockets at Israel

by Phil Schneider

Lebanon is a mess. It has been like that for many decades. In the 1970’s, they fought an internal Civil War for years. Since then, in one way, shape or form, there has been instability and fractious battles going on – to this very day. But for Israel, the most important side of their internal conflict is the existence of the Hizbullah in the southern region of Lebanon. With Iran’s backing, they have been amassing tens of thousands of missiles in order to terrorize most of the State of Israel. They are waiting for the right time.

Why has Israel allowed the Hizbullah to amass so many missiles that are all pointed to Israel? This is a tough question with an unsatisfactory answer. The alternative seemed worse. Israel finds itself – on a much smaller scale – in a similar situation as did England following World War II. England had to decide if they would allow the Soviet Union to occupy so much of Eastern Europe or would England fight another war against their former ally, the Soviet Union. The population voted Churchill out of office. They voted clearly to stand down and put off a battle – knowing good and well, that the Iron Curtain was indeed a new reality they would have to live with. This proved to be the right decision.

Israel basically decided that it would be better to dry up Iran, the source of the Hizbullah’s weapons, and to focus more on building up it’s own defensive capabilities. Will Israel one day run to shelters due to this decision? Perhaps. In the Middle East, the rules are different. Sometimes the best alternative is to push off an inevitable showdown, even if it means that things may get worse. Perhaps they will actually improve.

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