Former Drug Dealer Gave the Greatest Response to Netflix Bashing Orthodox Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

The world views Orthodox Jews in a negative light. A lot of that is because of the media. And with Netflix’s new series, the lies have spread.

The Truth about Orthodox Jews

Netflix has done a terrible thing. Orthodox Jews all over are appalled by their new series, Unorthodox. The “star” of the show claims that Orthodox Judaism is restricting. She claims that Jews who are religious are limited in what they can do. The way she portrays them is terrible. She mocks them and claims that she knows because she was once part of “them.”

But is that the truth? Are Orthodox Jews limited in their lives because of their religion? Are they unhappy? No. This one woman in the Netflix series is showing an entire sect of Judaism in a negative light because of her life. But that is not how the majority of Jews feel.

As a response to this series, many have spoken out proudly about their Judaism; about how freeing it is to live a life full of meaning. About how women in Orthodox Judaism are viewed in the most positive way. About how wrongly the Netflix series portrays how Orthodox Jews feel about their Judaism. About how purposeful their lives are and about how they can be what they want to be. About how dressing and acting modestly is a blessing, not a curse. The list goes on and on.

And even those who were not born into Orthodox Judaism have chosen to make it their way of life – like this former drug dealer.

Every religion and sect has its challenges to overcome. But that doesn’t mean an entire sect is bad. And people need to know the truth.

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