Leader of Muslim group defends murder

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, isn’t this just so lovely and peaceful. The leader of a Muslim group called Hizb-ut-tahrir defended killing ex-Muslims, or “apostates,” as they say.

Muslim Group Defends Murder

The leader of the Muslim group Hizb-ut-tahrir publicly defended killing ex-Muslims. And how did he defend it? By saying it is Islamic law, or Sharia law. That definitely does not make it sound any better. In fact, it makes it sound even worse. If someone wants to leave the Islamic faith, the Hizb-ut-tahrir leader says they deserve to be killed. An innocent person deserves to be killed because they believe that Islam is not the religion for them?

If Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace, how do you defend that? What is peaceful about murder?

Don’t Let This Come to America

Do you want America to be ruled by Sharia Law? Because that is what Rashida Tlaib wants. And Ilhan Omar. And let’s not forget about Linda Sarsour. They all have an agenda. They do not want to defend or protect America, they want to change it. They want to Islamize it. Just like the organization CAIR.

Are we going to let that happen?

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