Latest Human Rights Watch report targets Israel, once again

by Leah Rosenberg

This is absolutely ludicrous! Human Rights Watch is clearly antisemitic. Where is their report on Palestinian Arab terrorism against Israel?

Human Rights Watch and Their Hatred of Israel

Does Human Rights Watch care about the innocent Jewish men, women, and children being targeted by Palestinian Arab terrorists on a daily basis? Do they care about the thousands of rockets that have been sent from Gaza to destroy people and property? This organization is a completely antisemitic, bias organization. Their latest report proves that even more. Human Rights Watch doesn’t care about human rights. They only care about bringing down the one and only Jewish state.

Even if it means completely lying and spreading a false report. They fail to describe Palestinian Arab terrorism. Are rockets not considered a crime against humanity? Stabbings? Rocks being hurled at cars and people? It is truly insane that they have no care in the world for the Jewish people.

And the media adds fuel to the fire. They don’t mention the facts about the antisemites who made the report. They don’t mention the truth about how Israel has to defend itself.

No, Israel is not a perfect country. There are corrupt people – Jews and Arabs alike. But Israel is a state that has law and order. Those who commit crimes are punished.

The Jewish state is surrounded by countries that want to destroy it. And yet, Israel still upholds its values and love for peace and life. Israel still remains a democracy and treats its citizens equally. Arabs living under Israeli control have far better lives than their counterparts living under the Palestinian Authority.

Enough of the one-sided reports. Enough of the lies and antisemitism. Israel has endured enough suffering. It is time to start sharing the truth.

Click here for more information on the bias report.

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