Facebook and Twitter censor users from sharing report about BLM cofounder

by Phil Schneider

The Black Lives Matter movement has become a major force in the United States of America. It is based on what seems like a massive grass-roots movement of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, who are vociferously protesting the treatment of black people in the United States. It is a movement that claims that policemen specifically target young black males and that injustices are rampant in the way that minorities – especially blacks – are treated. The main solutions that are touted are redistribution of money from police forces to social welfare workers. Many of the leaders and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are open socialists. Some even use the term “Marxist” to describe themselves.

Well, it turns out that the Black Lives Matter movement is not only a popular organization – but it is a good business plan too. There is actually nothing problematic with the idea of an organization being a successful fundraising vehicle. But the problem here is that the whole entire idea of financial injustice is what stands at the core of the Black Lives Matter movement. That is why it is such a relevant idea to discuss the lifestyles of it’s founders and leaders.

But in today’s Orwellian culture, these kinds of controversial articles and discussions are often squelched. This is a mistake – even if if it is being done to protect the leaders of Black Lives Matter movement. Free speech is a blessing that ought to be nurtured, appreciated, and celebrated. It should be something that all protest movements cherish. It is not a double-edged sword like some accuse. The more speech, the better. It is at the heart of the many freedoms that the United States of America was founded on. And if that free speech exposes problems with the police – that is a blessing. If it exposes problems with the protesters, that is a blessing. As long as there are no clear calls for violence, the free speech should be tolerated. Actually the Black Lives Matter is the movement that has stirred up a significant amount of violence. So, to sum up, more free speech, less censoring, and no freedom to call for violence. That is what is needed in today’s politically charged environment.

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