Data and Late Surge Supports A Donald Trump Electoral Victory

by Micha Gefen

With all things being equal 2020 has been one of the most topsy turvy years in recent memory. This being the case, it shouldn’t be surprising if there is comeback win by President Trump for another four years.

Most mainstream polls have predicted a Biden blow out, but most state polls show a sudden tightening in the race and given the “shy Trump voter” phenomenon and the Trump’s multi state rally blitz, even the MSM is warning that an upset is brewing.

The truth is, most Americans are tired of the Left’s narrative that we are all doomed because COVID-19. When Trump contracted the virus and rebounded in full health in a matter of days, it seem to shake off the doubts and fears the nation had begun to believe about its future. It shook his base into action and caused those who had yet to vote the Fauci-Biden narrative that Trump had been reckless with the nation’s health and security.

After all, Trump is 74, he was at great risk. Yet, his speedy recovery and unbounded energy seemed to flip the scales. Will it be enough to off set the early voting of the Democrats? The above video clearly makes that case, but like all of us we will have to wait and see and pray that whoever wins can win outright in order to prevent the potential fracturing of American society.

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