Kushner: ‘Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is the truth’

by Chaya Cikk

The United States as part of their peace plan, plan to recognize Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel. How will this affect the peace plan? Only time will tell. However, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel this is the truth!

Jerusalem, Capital Of Israel

Jerusalem, located in the Judea Mountains, in Israel, a country located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Jews, Muslims, and Christians are in all some way connected to Jerusalem, it is a holy city.

In 1947 when the United Nations discussed a partition plan, splitting the land between the Jews and the Arabs. They would leave Jerusalem as an international city, under the international ruling. But it would allow access to all religions to the holy city of Jerusalem. This international regime that was to control Jerusalem would last 10 years then the people would vote of what to do. But this plan was not implemented due to the outbreak of the War of Independence, 1948 and the declaration of the State of Israel.

The Jewish People feel connected to Jerusalem as it is where King Solomon built the Temple, making it a central part of Judaism. The Muslims feel connected as they believe it is where Mohammed made his night Journey and where he ascended to Heaven. Christians feel connected as they believe many stories from the New Testament took place here.

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner, born in 1981, his parents originally from the Soviet Union. He launched his business career by taking over his father’s company, a real estate company, Kushner Companies. Kushner is a Democrat and has donated to many Democrat campaigns. After the disappointment with President Obama’s campaign, he slowly started his ‘ideological conversion’ to the Republican side.

January 2017, Kushner was named senior adviser to President Donald Trump, his father in law. Kushner married Ivanka Trump in 2009. It was only in May 2018 that he was given full security clearance. President Trump put Kushner in charge of brokering peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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