King David was definitely real, and here’s proof

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow, it is truly spectacular when archaeology proves what many of us Bible-believers already know. King David most definitely existed!

King David

King David – what do you think of when you hear his name? About his glorious kingship? His beautiful Psalms and music? What about the fact that he declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel thousands of years ago? Or the fact that the Messiah comes from him?

All of these things about him are accurate. These things are still so relevant to us today. David’s life matters to us still. And all of these aspects come to life even more when you can see and feel the proof of his existence. His life was not just a made-up story. He existed. He lived. The Bible should be enough proof, but of course there are deniers. So for those who once upon a time denied King David’s existence, what will they say to the continued discoveries? It seems that those scholars who once claimed the great king of Israel never existed can no longer make such a claim.

The City of David is not called that for no reason. And the more archaeology that is discovered and uncovered, the more the Bible comes to life!

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