Kayleigh McEnany once again burns the media for looking the other way

by Leah Rosenberg

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany never misses a beat. She is eloquent, and she always hits the nail on the head.

Kayleigh McEnany Says it Perfectly

It doesn’t really matter what “it” is. Kayleigh McEnany always says it well. She gets the point across confidently. Whenever the media tries to spread lies, whether it be about President Trump or anything else, she is there to step in and put the reporters in their place. Yes, President Trump picked McEnany. Of course she will do her part to defend him. But she also defends the truth and the facts. She is bold and never fails to say it like it is, even if it makes the media look bad.

Voter Fraud

What is still so shocking is the way the Left is trying to cover up the voter fraud that took place. Both sides should defend democracy, regardless of which candidate wins. President Trump is asking for the legal process to be carried out. He is asking for the Presidential elections to be according to the democratic process. And what has taken place during the voting process is truly horrifying. That is not how the founding fathers of America wanted it to be. They did not want people to cheat to take the seat as president of the United States.

It is shameful, and those who have gone against American values should be brought to justice.

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