Kamala vs. Joe: A Hilarious Comparison

by Leah Rosenberg

By allowing Joe Biden to stay in office way longer than most anyone thought he could hold on, the path is being paved for Kamala Harris to slide into the Oval Office in a slick parachute without enduring all of the difficulties of a Democrat Primary. Democrat operatives would rather see Kamala Harris standing up against the Republican challenger than another candidate. They just don’t want her to be attacked by a fellow Democrat in the primaries. That is what happened to Hillary by Bernie in 2016, and it made a great impact.

One of the most underrated reasons for Donald Trump’s election in 2016 was the bruising Democrat primary that preceded the general election. Hillary Clinton simply ran out of gas in the general election in 2016 because she had to expend so much effort fending off Bernie Sanders. Sanders was not expected to represent anything but the fringe socialist oriented wing of the Democrat Party. But the younger voters leaned heavily, then and even more now, towards his ideological inclinations. 2016 was the year of the outsider. It was not only Donald Trump, but also Bernie Sanders, who performed well in the primaries.

The Democrats learned their lesson well, and are doing whatever they can to skip the primary season. Keeping Joe trotting around, despite his obvious challenges, suits their interests well. It may even make sense to put him up again in the general election. But that option is fast becoming irrelevant. Plan for Kamala to jump into the fray in order to save the nation right in time to challenge whoever wins the Republican Primary.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Kamala Harris cannot control herself in debates. She did a perfectly OK job versus Mike Pence and probably can appear capable if she faces Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, or whomever else she needs to face.

But Kamala Harris supported and supports the Black Lives Matter movement. That should be said over and over in order to make clear to all that a vote for Kamala is a vote for Oval Office support of havoc on US streets across America.

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