Kamala Harris is Extremely Embarrassed About This

by Phil Schneider

The giggling side of Kamala Harris is certainly an awkward side of the Vice President which is somewhat baffling. But actually, it is her policy positions that matter much more.

Kamala Harris publicly supported and continues to support the Black Lives Matter movement, a massive grass-roots – yet funded by the rich and progressive – movement. It is one of the most destructive movements in the history of the United States of America. It is not just growing. It will erupts “spontaneously” at critical junctures in order to impact on national elections. Kamala Harris thinks this is a good thing.

Kamala Harris does not believe that a race-based destruction movement is a bad thing. After all, she sees it as a valid method of attaining equality. That means that destroying store windows and looting by angry African American people and their supporters is a good thing according to the Vice President of the United States. That is a frightening thought.

She will never lose her job of Vice President until the Democrat Party is voted out. The Democrat Party is well aware, that the first African American woman to be so close to the Presidency will not lose her job due to internal party politics. Not only will she retain her job, she is the front-runner of the Democrat Party for the top job in 2024. Donald Trump vs. Kamala Harris will, in all probability, be the duel in 2024. Nobody wants to take on Donald Trump in the primaries unless they are merely posturing for 2028, and nobody wants to fight an African American female Vice President in the Democrat primaries. It will be a presidential election between two extremely unpopular candidates. Moderate women who tend to vote Democrat will come out in droves to vote for Kamala. Barack Obama will travel everywhere with her. People who are feeling the economic downturn in their bank and savings accounts will vote for Trump. The economy will probably be the #1 issue. Advantage – Trump. But Kamala Harris will not go away fast. She will still be one of the most powerful women in the Democrat Party for years to come, especially if she cuts down on the giggling and moves to the center on policy issues.

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