“Judicial Reforms Do Not Go Far Enough”

by Micha Gefen

Ziv Maor, head of Galei Israel Radio is one of many leading figures arguing that not only are judicial reforms needed in Israel, the proposed changes don’t go far enough.

If what he is saying is true, then why is the left arguing that the government’s changes are the “end of democracy” in Israel? The reason is simple – control. If they cannot have it – it is better to destroy the government altogether. This has always been how the left functions – in Israel an elsewhere.

The real challenge for them is that they never imagined that their control would be taken away. After all they really believe in the supremacy of their views – they believe they deserve to control the State of Israel and if not them – then no one.

This is the battle and ultimately when the left speaks about the Civil War, it is them who want to bring it.

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