Watch: Bibi Reveals Things About Himself That You Never Knew

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu is the most successful Prime Minister Israel has seen in the last few decades. He jumped into politics when he was around 30 years old, and has seen a meteoric rise towards his election as Prime Minister in his mid 40’s. He has served longer than any other sitting Prime Minister, including David Ben-Gurion.

In the mid 80’s, when Menachem Begin stepped down from power, Yitzhak Shamir took over the job as Prime Minister of Israel. Shamir served for several terms and was not known for his speaking skills, especially in English. That opened up a major opening for young and eloquent English speakers to represent Israel. Enter the young Benjamin Netanyahu. He was not only eloquent. He was able to speak about nearly everything with an enormous understanding of Israel’s place in history and the need for Israel to take care of its security needs – first and foremost.

Following a stint as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Netanyahu served as the Assistant Foreign Minister to Moshe Arens. The Madrid conference was one of the first international conferences where Benajmin Netanyahu was the major spokesman for the State of Israel. Although not much came of that conference, it established Netanayhu’s credentials among many followers of the State of Israel.

When it comes to politics, Netanyahu is a poker player that is second to none. Actually, one of the main points of criticism leveled against him is that he does not allow anyone to gain too much power. Before they become too powerful, he kneecaps them and retains his hold on the leadership.

But time and again, no leader is able to garner as much support in national elections as Benjamin Netanyahu. He is a young 72-year-old and seems primed to lead Israel for many years to come.

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