Judaism’s Secret to Wealth that No Financial Coach Will Tell You

by Phil Schneider

Is this indeed the secret to wealth? Is this a get-rich quick scheme? Well, it probably is neither. But, there are some very unique insights in this video production which should raise an eyebrow or too.

The basic answer to how to become wealthy is not just hard work. Nor is it to simply place one’s trust in G-d. Nor is it enough to do both. There are many people who have done both who are very far from being classified as wealthy under anybody’s definition of rich.

But, the true idea of wealth in Judaism is not about aggrandizement of material items. It is about being happy with whatever one’s place in the world is. That seems like such a simplistic statement. But it is as profound as it is simple. A person can have very little in this world and have no real aspiration to have much more than they have, and still feel extremely wealthy.

The key is to be aware of everything that one has and to be truly grateful to the source of those things. First things first. One’s health and very life itself. These are gifts from G-d, and one’s parents. A normal and healthy person never forgets that their very existence is due to G-d, their father, and their mother. An unhealthy person takes G-d out of the picture and focuses on resentments or annoyances that distance them from their parents.

Healthy people live in a state of thanks to their parents for everything they have given and continue to provide for them. Healthy people thank G-d continuously throughout each and every day. People who are filled with thanks are happy people. People who don’t know how to thank, but only to blame for not getting their way are unhappy people. Most rich people are unhappy because they are so used to getting their way and making demands on others to get their way. They have forgotten about the gifts that they received from G-d, their parents, and others that led them to where they are in the world.

But the real secret to wealth is thankfulness. The key to being filled with thankfulness is to see the big picture and not get caught up in the details of life. G-d, Parents, kids, siblings, friends, shelter from the elements, food on the table – these are the basic needs that nearly everyone has. Beyond that is just the icing on the cake. Anybody who has some or all of the basic building blocks of this world has an enormous amount of things to be thankful for every day. Therefore, nearly everyone should be filled with thankfulness every day, feel rich, and be happy. It’s that simple.

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