When John McCain wanted to convert to Judaism

by Leah Rosenberg

John McCain recently passed away. He was a good friend to Israel and the Jewish people. Find out about when he considered converting to Judaism!

John McCain

In August 2018, John McCain lost his battle with cancer. He was a United States senator and a military war hero. McCain was a good friend to Israel. He was a good friend to the Jewish people. And sometimes, that is hard to come across.

John McCain and Joe Lieberman, both American politicians and senators, were close friends. Joe Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew. Because of his commitment to Judaism, McCain learned a lot about the religion.

Converting to Judaism

In this speech at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), McCain addressed the idea of converting to Judaism. His skit was humorous. He retells a conversation he had with Lieberman. First John says, “I have spent all these years with Joe Lieberman. Eating Salmon, riding the Shabbat elevator. Not being able to ride in a car on Saturday.” Since he was already doing so many “Jewish” things and not getting the benefits, McCain figured he might as well convert to Judaism! That was until Joe Lieberman told him he would have to have a circumcision.

McCain had a good sense of humor!

McCain’s Legacy

John McCain left a wonderful legacy. He accomplished great things during his lifetime. He passed away from cancer right before his 82nd birthday.

When a great American hero passes away, the entire country mourns. He will be remembered by his family and the American people as a whole.

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