Jews Saved from Muslim Car Ramming Attack in LA

by Avi Abelow

Two LA Jews walked home from Synagogue in Los Angeles.  They are lucky to be alive.  Their lives were saved thanks to their alertness. A Muslim driver by the name of Mohammed Abdi screamed Jew hating sentences at them and then tried to ram his car into them. He had a Koran in his car.

Key Sentence

The key sentence in the news video of the event above has nothing to do with the specific event. It is a sentence uttered by one of the Jewish neighbor’s in the community, Michael Schwartz.  He was interviewed about the incident soon afterwards.

Schwartz said that “this is a much more violent and scarier world than we all thought it was. We had a few years of civility after the Holocaust and now that window is closing.”

Nothing New Under the Sun

This is a sentiment that is critical for people, and especially Jews, to internalize. Jew hatred has existed forever. Just a few weeks ago Jews read the Torah portions dealing with Isaac and the problems he had with the Philistines. Isaac dug up water wells, and the Philistines covered them up. Some Torah commentaries point out that this is the beginning of Jew-hatred, all the way back in the Bible. Even though Isaac dug those wells to benefit everyone, including the Philistines, they destroyed them so that nobody could enjoy them.

No Logic

Jew hatred has no reason. We are blamed for communism at the same time we are blamed for capitalism. It has always existed and our haters just had to choose which reason to use to blame the hate on us. However, all that changed after the Holocaust. Western society felt a deep sense of guilt when they saw how horrible cultured Germans acted towards the Jews.  They mass murdered 6 million of us. Jew-hatred then became socially taboo. That taboo lasted for around 70 years.  But now it is over.  Jew hatred is back.  Now, we are witnessing it in LA from a Muslim Jew hater, in Pittsburgh from a far-right Jew hater, and on college campuses all across the USA from left-wing Jew-haters.  Even in Congress, there are three openly Jew-hating Democrats that were newly elected.

It Starts Small

Jew hatred is back and this is the old-new reality of the world we must learn to accept.  Unfortunately, acts of hatred start against the Jews but then escalate against others as well.  Jews are the canary in the coal mine. All freedom loving people should be scared that Jew hatred is on the rise.

What Can We Do?

We can educate against Jew hatred like all hatred. Isn’t it sad that hatred and discrimination is called out against everyone, but allowed against the Jews?

More importantly, people must internalize that Jew hatred doesn’t just affect the Jews.  It spreads and then affects all of society. All nations that legitimized Jew hatred end up self-destructing.

Most important, people must realize that the waves of hatred against the Jews today are not just about Jews.  They are about attacking the Jew as the representative of a strong national identity that progressives are trying to destroy across the Western world.

National Pride is a Good Thing

All nations must strengthen their national identities. While diversity should be celebrated, national identities should be celebrated as well. Each and every nation should strengthen their national identity and defend it. There is nothing wrong with nationalism and patriotism.  Progressive culture today destroys nationalism by bringing up the Nazis. However, the Nazis were not truly nationalists.  They were an imperialist culture that believed the German race was the purest race in the world, and should rule the world. Nobody should be embarrassed to feel proud in their national identity because of the fear nationalism is like Nazism!

Each and every person that wants to fight the hatred of today must be like the proud Jews of Israel.  Be proud of your identity and protect yourselves and your identity. Only in that way will we be able to save the freedom loving world from the growing waves of hatred.

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