Jewish people show they value life with memorial for murdered baby Amiad Yisrael

by Leah Rosenberg

Amiad Yisrael was born prematurely because his mother was shot in a terrorist attack while pregnant. He only lived a few days, but his memory will remain.

The Jewish People

Just how special are the Jewish people? It is really hard to explain. They are a nation that has survived and endured more than anyone can imagine. They are a people who come together in times of tragedy but also in times of celebration. And yes, they are a family. All Jews.

See, to be part of the Jewish nation is something amazing. Whether you know someone or not, you have a common ground. A common history. And you have the same forefathers and foremothers. It is truly beautiful. That is why Amiad Yisrael will be missed. Because although he only lived a few days, he was everyone’s precious angel. And the whole nation is affected by tragedy.

Amiad Yisrael

Shira Ish-Ran and her husband Amichai were shot along with others in a terrorist attack outside the city of Ofra. Although they both survived and have since been discharged from the hospital with a long recovery ahead, their baby did not survive. Shira was seven months pregnant with their first child. And that night that she was shot was the night her baby had to be delivered prematurely. Sadly, he lived just a few short days before passing away. They named him Amiad Yisrael.

Because the Jewish people focus on life and not death, they have managed to remain strong. Saddened and deeply affected, but strong. In memory of Amiad, trees were planted. The family and the Jewish people are showing that the Jewish people will never be uprooted from their homeland. It has been a long and dark exile, but soon the day will come when that darkness will fade away.

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