The Real Disgrace Behind NYS Vote to Legalize Full Term Abortion

by Avi Abelow

New York State just voted to legalize full term abortions. The real disgrace is not the vote to legalize this type of abortion, but the clapping after the vote passed. What an utter disgrace. What does this have to do with Judaism & Jerusalem? Watch the video below.

Judaism on Abortion

This may surprise some, but Judaism is not “for” or “against” abortion. Judaism is about life, sanctifying life, making the most out of life and saving lives. When a Rabbi decides that it is in order to save a life, whether for the mother or the unborn baby, then abortion is allowed. When a Rabbi decides that no life is in danger, then abortion is not allowed.

Sometimes the decision is not simple. Sometimes there are grey areas of information and issues that Rabbis, doctors, the pregnant woman and partner have to discuss before a proper decision can be made. However, one thing is clear, the decision to abort a fetus is not taken lighly at all and isn’t given a cart blanche approval for anytime a woman “chooses” to abort.

Clapping is A Disgrace

People clapping for a decision regarding abortions is a disgrace. How often do people clap at votes at a State Assembly? Abortions are about ending a potential life, regardless of what reason. If a law is necessary, then it is necessary, but to clap at a law about ending lives?

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the need for abortions, it is a sad thing, where a potential life is taken from this world. That is not something to clap for, no matter how necessary it might be in a specific situation.

Another Perspective

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