Jew-Hating Antisemitism on the Rise Because Morality is in Decline

by Hillel Fuld

Not sure I should be putting this into writing.

Since I can remember, I have always been confused by antisemitism.

I get it, they hate us. But why?

Well, Jewish scripture says “Esav Sonei L’Yaakov”, Esau will always hate Jacob. It’s actually based on this week’s Torah portion.

But that doesn’t sit well with me. They hate us just because?

I don’t think I need to tell anyone about how much the Jews have contributed to the world. Go look how many Nobel prizes Jews have won and then look at how absolutely tiny the number of Jews are in the world.

Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 900 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews.

I don’t think anyone needs reminding of the technology the Jews have brought to the world. The medicine. The cancer treatments. We all get it. The Jews have done nothing but make this world a better place. So why?

I need an explanation. I always needed an explanation. But I never found one that satisfied me.

Until recently.

Here is where it gets controversial and totally politically incorrect. If you’re easily offended, keep scrolling.

Here goes.

Let’s examine the time periods in history in which antisemitism was at a high. You’ll notice an inverse correlation. The less morality in a society, the more antisemitism we’ll see.

Less morality = More Jew hatred

Think about it. The big empires. Ancient Egypt. The Greek empire. The Roman empire. The Nazi empire. And we’ll get to today soon. All those empires tried to annihilate the Jews.

All those empires lacked morality. They behaved in promiscuous ways, they tried to deny God and put the human being and his ego in the center of the world.

They tried to convince the world that the planet revolves around them.

They wanted no part in morality.

They, those empires, were the biggest antisemites in history. They destroyed our temples, killed our firstborns, and tried to commit genocide and rid the world of Jews.


Because they wanted no part in morality.

Let’s remember what the source of morality is. It’s the Torah, the Bible, the Old Testament. Call it whatever you want but the world knows it’s immoral to steal, lie, and murder from the Torah.

The Torah is the epitome of morality. It is the manuscript that teaches us how to live a moral life.

The messengers of morality in the world? Those who delivered the Torah to the world aka the Jews.

Before I continue, let me emphasize in the clearest way, I am NOT saying that anyone who is not Jewish is immoral. What I AM saying is that moral human beings learned what morality is, whether they learned it consciously or subconsciously, from the Bible.

So, Hitler, for example, comes to power and wants to convince the world that the ultimate morality is cleansing the world of anyone who is not the Arian race.

If you read Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, which has a scary amount of parallels to today, you’ll see that what he really wanted to do was change the rules of morality. He didn’t view himself as a barbarian, quite the opposite. Hitler truly believed that getting rid of the Jews is the highest level of morality.

In order to do that, he needed to rid the world of the “old morality” that killing is bad, and how can he do that? Well, he can’t kill God. He can’t make the Torah disappear.

What he CAN do is kill the messenger. Get rid of the messenger, get rid of the message.

If you get rid of Fedex, you’re not getting your package.

The world, throughout the generations, wanted to redefine morality.

Whether it was communism, socialism, Nazism, and many many other ISMs, these movements slowly became the definition of morality in those societies.

And furthermore, when we say we’re a light unto the nations, what does that mean?

It means the world is sailing on the sea in their many ships and we are the lighthouse that tells them how to navigate the seas.

Why do you think it is that when Jews try to assimilate, antisemitism only gets worse?

In theory, that makes no sense! Why does the world hate Jews who don’t even know they’re Jews?!

Why did Hitler kill Jews who were more German than the Germans? Why is it today that the most liberal Americans are the Jews, and yet, they still hate us!

It makes no sense.

The answer is that antisemitism makes no sense. It has a big paradox built into it.

If we control the world like they say we do, then the last thing they’d want to do is mess with us.

So we control the world, we are so strong, we control the media, the banks, the weather, and everything else. And yet? We are weak and that is why they attack us. Because they can.

So are we strong or are we weak? To the world, we are both.

So the world hates the Jews because we are the messenger of morality in a world that doesn’t want “Old morality”. It doesn’t want right and wrong. It only wants “Different.”

Moral relativism. No right and wrong. Just different.

But even though they hate us because they don’t want morality, somewhere deep down, they know they need morality to exist. They know deep down they can’t really live without morality.

So when the lighthouse goes out, when Jews stop being the light unto the nations, when the Jews become more Roman/Greek/German/American than the Americans, the world hates us even more.

The ships on the sea can’t navigate without the lighthouse.

So, on the one hand, they don’t want the lighthouse, but on the other hand, they know they need the lighthouse in order to survive.

So why does antisemitism exist? Because the Jews are the delivery boy of right and wrong, of truth, of morals and ethics.

And sometimes the world does not want the delivery boy to “Pollute” their minds. They want to change the rules of morality.

You know what happens when morality is thrown out the window? It starts slowly, but ends tragically whether it’s in the form of genocide or in today’s world, it ends with a clothing brand accepting and promoting pedophilia.

Because when everything else is ok to do, where do we draw the line? Maybe pedophilia is also just another preference.

It sounds sick but guess what? We are there. If you haven’t heard, Google the recent Balenciaga campaign. Google professionals who don’t call them pedophiles anymore. They call them “Minor-attracted person.”

I am not joking. I wouldn’t joke about such a serious topic. This is being legitimized right before our eyes.

All morality is gone and things we’ve accepted as truth for billions of years, gender for example, is now fluid.

Well if I can identify as whatever I want, it’s no wonder there are literal people out there who identify as transabled and who literally cut off their own limbs. Others identify as clowns. Others as animals.

Morality is irrelevant. Science is irrelevant. All that matters is the new ISM of our generation.

So, on the one hand, the world needs to get rid of the messenger that reminds them what morality is. On the other hand, those same people can’t really afford to lose total sight of what’s really right. They don’t want to be reminded of it, but they also don’t want to totally forget it.

So, despite assimilation being at an all time high, despite the Jews in America trying to be more American than the Americans, despite Jews trying to hide their light, Jew hatred is at an all time high because the world yearns subconsciously for our light.

This explanation, which I heard from a friend, really resonated with me.

Morality cannot be erased no matter how hard they try. Jews can’t extinguish their Jewishness and the light that accompanies it no matter how hard they try.

In every generation, there is a new movement that is meant to erase morality and that drives people to try and kill the messenger of morality.

They will fail. No matter how hard they try, they will fail.

And in every generation, the Jews are their own worst enemy because they think that if only they were like the rest of the population, no one would know they’re Jewish and they would therefore never experience antisemitism. They too will fail.

You can try to wear a robe to cover the light coming from your source, but when the room is dark, the light will shine through. It will escape. The darker the room, the more the light will illuminate the room. It can’t be truly hidden.

We bring the light to a very dark room and that light blinds the world to the point that they want to close the shades and eliminate the light but on the other hand, they need to know that if they want out of that dark room, the light will guide them back to morality.

When we, the Jewish people, as a nation, embrace our lighthouse, when we own our light, we will be able to return to our role as the messenger of morality.

The world will try its best to ignore and even eliminate the messenger, but they’ll fail and ultimately, morality will prevail, hopefully sooner than later.

Originally posted on Facebook.

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