Jerusalem tunnel tour takes you on a walk through ancient history

by Phil Schneider

There are many people who would love to visit Israel but are unable to. This is the next best thing. It is as if you are right there – at the bedrock of the Temple Mount – and you can see all of the perfectly chiseled rocks that are carved at the foot of the Temple Mount. This history does not go back hundreds of years, but 2,000 – 2,500 years ago.

The ancient waterways and ritual baths have all been restored. We now do not need to imagine what it was like to be in the ante-chambers of the Temple. We can literally walk on the same stones, see some of the leftover marks from the destruction, and understand very much the way that people came en masse to the 1st and 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. The most amazing visual is the massive stone that is simply unbelievably long. There are no words to describe it. But when you see it, one cannot help but marvel at how unbelievable the size of this rock is. If it was at the foot of the wall, that would be less amazing. But it is plain to see that this super rock was somehow lifted more than 2,000 years ago and placed on top of other rocks. This is a mystery till this day that has not been solved.

The bond of the Jewish people to Jerusalem actually goes back around 3,000 years till the time of King David. But most of the archaeological discoveries are from the Herodian period – around 2,000 years ago. This is because Herod was a King who was seemingly obsessed with building, and building well. So, so many of his building projects have withstood the test of time and exist 2,000 years later. Masada, Beit Shean, and other archaeological sites in Israel are also mainly sites that feature Herodian building projects. But the crown jewel was clearly the Temple. There are no words to describe these discoveries. Seeing is believing.

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