Dennis Prager explodes over major Left wing lies

by Leah Rosenberg

Dennis Prager doesn’t hold back here at all. The lies people believe nowadays are absurd, and Prager is trying to make it known. If there is anyone who knows what he is talking about, it’s Dennis Prager.

Dennis Prager takes left wing propaganda to task on Real Time with Bill Maher . “To say that the United States is anti-semitic is a lie. This is the least anti-semitic Jews have ever lived in.”

Of course, the rest of the guests on the show attacked Prager almost immediately with the audience chiming in over Prager’s comment that “the US is the least racist country.” When the audience disagreed, Prager insisted that “this proves lies are effective.”

Dennis Prager is one of the most effective explainers of conservative philosophy around. Although Bill Maher and the rest of the guests poked fun at one of Prager’s comments that “the left claims men menstruate.” The point was clear – that the left claims that any comment to the contrary is considered transphobic.

Perhaps the most telling part of the show and interaction was how far apart both left and right are in the USA. The left like usual lives in a delusional state of reality with those people on the right attempting to hold onto a constitutional and rationally based society.

Will they ever move closer together?

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