Jersey City mayor: Call out antisemitism for what it is

by Leah Rosenberg

People refuse to call out antisemitism. They make up excuses for what it is instead. The attack at a KOSHER supermarket in Jersey city was antisemitism!

Call Out Antisemitism

If we do not call out antisemitism for what it is, we are just letting it happen. We are encouraging it. It shows the antisemites that they win.

But Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop will not just stand by and allow vicious antisemites to murder people and then say it is not antisemitism. Why would he? As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, he himself felt personally connected and attacked by this most recent hate crime in Jersey City. It was abhorrent. It was premeditated. And it was clear antisemitism.

Look at the Facts

Mayor Fulop said something simple and obvious but so important. He started off his sentence by saying, “When you look at the facts…” It is ironic that people do not look at the facts. He explains how clearly it was antisemitism. The killers targeted the kosher supermarket. They skipped over other targets on the way. More evidence was found later on proving that it was an antisemitic attack. But even the initial facts pointed toward antisemitism, yet so many refused to name it that way.

Why? Why is it that when it comes to the Jewish people, officials will not call it antisemitism as quickly? Why do they refuse to aggressively address the issue? If you can’t even manage to name the issue for what it is, how can anything improve?

Dr. Risch

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