Jan. 6th, Yair Lapid, and the Emerging Global Junta

by David Mark

With viewers watching around the world, President Trump’s rally on the Capitol Mall to protest what appeared to be widespread election fraud turned into a march on the capital, which turned into what the Democrats and MSM have deemed an “insurrection.”

Jan. 6th will be seen as a defining moment in American and world history, but not because a bunch of rowdy and disaffected Trump supporters supposedly stormed the Capitol Building. That was just means that the powerful elite used on Jan. 6th to take real control of the United States.

Since that day, there have been countless clips of police officers and others letting the protesters into the Capitol Building. Why did these law enforcement agents do that? The “insurrection” could have been quelled easily with some tear gas and stun grenades, but instead the protesters were practically asked to come into the Capitol Building.

While many on the left just assume these officers were supporters of the President as well, the videos over and over again appear to show that this was coordinated. The question is, coordinated by who? Perhaps those running the Jan. 6th hearings know and just don’t want to say. The optics worked and it appears a majority of the country believes Trump and his followers were planning on overthrowing America. Citizens who support a pro-American and anti-globalist agenda are labeled extremists and insurrectionists.

On May 30th, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid announced they had forged an agreement unseating the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel’s History, Bibi Netanyahu. Political careers come and go, but the unseating of the very popular prime minister was done by using votes of the right that Bennett gained by coming out hard against Arab crime, while making promises not to sit with the left. Bennet had seven seats at the time and still became Prime Minister – utilizing a loophole in Israel’s political system.

This led to the current Prime Minister, Yair Lapid a Davos backed Israeli politican who took over from Bennett on July 1st due to the collapse of the government. Lapid represents the center-left and had no chance to become Prime Minister other than through the scheme Bennett and Lapid put together.

One can see May 30th 2021 as a defining moment in Israeli politics. The date can be seen as the culmination of the Left’s plan to unseat what is seen as traditional Jewish leadership in the form of Netanyahu and replace it with a hyper form of post-Zionism. After all, the Bennett government gave away large swaths of the Negev to the Bedouin and under Lapid appears to be ready to create a de facto “palestinian” state by cutting off most of Gush Etzion from Jerusalem. The Bennett-Lapid government has strengthened the transgender and anti-family agenda of the left, while harming the traditional sectors that make up the bulk of Israel’s populace.

January 6th and May 30th 2021 represent the dates where the global elite successfully took over America and Israel in a far more open and complete way. This was obviously enabled in both countries by egocentric politicians on the right who played into the hands of the Davos elite and the media cabal that rules most of the West. However true the right’s mistakes were and are, their less than perfect leadership is still far better than globalist rule, which is part of the post-modern, nihilistic cultural wave descending on all of us.

Can the globalist agenda be stalled?

It can. November 1st in Israel and November 8th in America are both pivotal elections where votes have a real impact on which way both America and Israel head into the future. The real question is for each of us – do we have the will to finally put our foot down and take our countries back?

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