It’s Official: CNN has Completely Collapsed

by Phil Schneider

CNN is around 30 years old. It changed the way people watch news – back in the early 90’s. The Persian Gulf War was basically broadcast live on the young network with round-the-clock features. The mix of updates with in-depth analysis and other shows turned into the primary vehicle for people to watch the news, as opposed to the more standard ABC, NBC, and CBS options that had existed for decades.

CNN was not originally known for being a slanted news network. They were one of many new networks that operated around the clock, like Bloomberg News for business, or ESPN for sports. But CNN was clearly the #1 name for news. So what happened? Many things have brought CNN to the point where they are now.

First off, competition had a big impact. Until Fox News, CNN did not have a first rate competitor. CNN was shocked at how quickly Fox News grew to become a serious competitor. But it was more than that. Fox News took a more conservative angle on the news than CNN. CNN made a decision to turn more radically left. What was once a respectable, but left-of-center network had evolved into a more radical left-wing network that championed values that were anathema to much of middle America. People began to turn on CNN.

It is simply amazing how quickly the demise of a network can occur when it’s credibility is lost. Donald Trump began attacking CNN way before he was elected into the Oval Office. He specifically focused on CNN to use the label, “fake news.” The label stuck, and it stung. CNN has been unable to shake off the characterization, because so much of what they report – at least as far as Donald Trump goes – is indeed fake news.

CNN may well come back – but only if they shed their highly partisan reputation as being a far-left mouthpiece that doesn’t report news as much as they create news.

Dr. Risch

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