Will Israel Take Action Against Iran Now?

by Micha Gefen

While the world appears to be heading towards another Covid filled summer, Israel appears to be ready to respond directly against Iran for attacking a tanker.

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Israel’s Ministry of Defense is pushing for a direct response against Iranian attacks off the coast of Oman that targeted an Israeli managed ship. The UK and the US have also pushed back against Iran and are threatening to attack back.

Recently, 5 UK ships off the coast of the UAE had their control hacked and taken over. Most insiders blame Iran or one of their proxies. To complicate matters more, Iran has a new very hardline president – Ebrahaim Raisi – also known as the butcher of Tehran for his many extra-judicial killings has taken a very tough stance in nuclear negotiations and has vowed to go after Israel.

So will Israel finally attack Iran?

It is not clear this will be pulled off, but what is clear is that the USA and UK are finally losing patience with the Ayatollahs and it may very well be them that decide to act.

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