Facebook Makes Major Anti-Law Enforcement Decision

by Phil Schneider

Facebook has made a choice. They believe that they are in charge of deciding what is moral and what is not. It is a very serious matter when the freedom of speech attacks of big tech is now in the midst of attacking the police. There is perhaps no greater threat to the Western world today than the enormous power of the big tech companies.

So what is the solution? Can Facebook, Twitter and others actually be tamed somehow? The answer is yes. But it will require brave lawmakers – many of whom will lose power as a result of making a decision to attack the enormous power of big tech. The big shift occurred following Facebook’s decision following 2016 to repent for what they felt was their most heinous sin – allowing their platform to play a role in the election of Donald Trump.

Well, it is true that Facebook was part of the reason that Donald Trump was elected – back when Facebook was focused on spreading free speech. But today, Facebook has changed gears and made a decision to focus on censorship of speech and not on advancing free speech. It is not only Republicans that should be at the forefront of this movement. All truly democratic politicians who value free speech should know that the only way forward for the United States is via freedom of speech. Otherwise, we will find the very fabric of freedom in the United States being torn apart from the lives of hundreds of millions.

Dr. Risch

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