Pro-Palestinian Protesters in San Diego Call for Destruction of Israel with Blood

by Leah Rosenberg

These pro-Palestinian protesters are not peaceful. They are literally calling to murder Jews and destroy Israel. In San Diego!

The Death Chant of Pro-Palestinian Protesters

That is exactly what it is: A death chant; a chant calling for the death of Jews and Israel. This is not a social justice movement. These pro-Palestinian protesters are chanting, “With our blood and spirit, we will redeem you, oh Palestine.”

When they yell, “Free Palestine,” they are calling for the destruction of the state of Israel. What they don’t realize is that the Arabs living under Israeli control have far better lives than those living under the control of the Palestinian Authority. Israeli Arabs have free lives. They have health care. They can get vaccines. Under the control of the PA, they do not live freely. The PA denied COVID vaccines from Israel. They don’t care about their people.

Do these protesters know that? Do they know that they are calling for the “Palestinians” to have worse lives without Israel? Pro-Palestinian supporters clearly do not care about the lives of “Palestinians” at all. All they care about is killing Jews and obliterating the one and only Jewish state.

Arab Incitement
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