Israel’s Enemies are Terrified of Israel’s New “Smart Gun”

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s enemies have a lot to fear. G-d is on Israel’s side, and they are developing weapons that are shocking the enemy.

Israel’s Enemies Better Back Off

G-d is watching over the Jewish people. He has shown the world that. We also need to do our part, put in our human effort, and defend our people and land. And Israel’s enemies should wake up and realize that they don’t stand a chance.

Yes, there are bumps along the way – some major and some smaller. We sometimes feel like we are losing. But G-d’s salvation can come at any second. And He made it that Israel is innovative and technologically advanced.

This “smart gun” is pretty awesome, to say the least. Its precision is remarkable. How can you not be impressed by the one and only Jewish state? By its determination and morality? By its desire for peace and good? Israel has done unbelievable things in its short existence as a modern state.

This gun also shows something pretty amazing about Israel. If Israel wanted to, they can just bomb enemy targets with innocent people around. They can just shoot and shoot and kill more people than necessary. But instead, they aim at specific targets and try to avoid collateral damage where possible. Good will ultimately defeat evil. And Israel is most definitely the side of good. For those who can’t see that, they are morally blind, and it’s truly a shame. Whoever stands against Israel is standing with evil. And sadly, many people can’t tell the difference anymore between good and evil.

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