The UN Got Completely Busted in Just 2 Minutes

by Phil Schneider

The UN record on so many issues has been exposed by Hillel Neuer, perhaps more effectively than anyone else. He has brought out the shocking reality that the UN seems to only see iniquities of the State of Israel, yet is blind to nearly anything done against the State of Israel, even when what transpires is as savage an atack as the Arabs perpetrated against Israel on October 7th. 

The UN is an organization that actually has great potential for accomplishing great things. It can be a light unto the nations – if it were based on bringing truth, justice, and light to all corners of the world. But instead of this being the case, the UN actually has largely served as an international body to justify and excuse all of the bad actors of the world and to pressure Israel to give in and acquiesce to being the world’s punching bag.

It is not only difficult for the Jewish people to get used to the new reality. It is also challenging for much of the Western and non-Western world to get used to the idea of the new and improved Jews, namely, the Jews who don’t turn the other cheek. They are actually the new-old Jews, similar to the Jews in the time of the Bible, who fought bravely against their enemies, but whose actions were informed through their spiritual prowess and attachment to God. 

World Jewry feel an enormous attachment to the bravery of Israel’s valiant fighters who put their lives on the line in order to defend the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. These are very genuine emotions that are based on the Jewish people’s deep connection with the Bible and the Land, it’s heroes, and the general narrative of Jewish willingness to sacrifice for each other. We are privileged to live in such a great generation.  

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