Israel’s Desert to Oasis Success may just Save the World

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel went from Desert to oasis in a short time. How? What did they do to succeed? And can that help the world?

From Desert to Oasis

Watching a video like this just shows you how amazing Israel really is. When Israelis see a problem, they don’t throw their hands up and quit. They actively look for the solution, and they won’t sleep until they find it. The water scarcity in the land of Israel became a non-issue. Israel has even helped other countries get clean drinking water!

The rational thing to do when seeing a country that is desolate is to leave it. But the Jewish people have a deep spiritual connection with the land of Israel because G-d gave it to them. They chose not to leave it – whether they understood why or not. They invested in it and built it up. And it is absolutely mind boggling if you look at images and videos of Israel from a few decades ago to now. If someone didn’t know any history about Israel (which it seems to be many people don’t), then they wouldn’t believe you that the two images were the same land. Impossible! And just a few years apart? Couldn’t be.

But nothing is impossible when the Jewish people are involved. G-d has made the Jewish nation and the Jewish land prosperous. With G-d, anything is possible. All you have to do is follow the history of the Jews. There is no way not to believe in G-d and His Divine Providence!

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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