This is Why Ilhan Omar Feels Threatened by AIPAC

by Phil Schneider

Ilhan Omar feels threatened. She should. She should feel threatened – not physically – but threatened politically, by the entire Democrat party. She should think that she has no chance of reelection based on her anti-American and anti-Israel pronouncements. Yes, she is an anti-Semite, and anti-Semites have established a firm foothold in the US Congress.

Anti-Semites have had a place in the United States political system for centuries. But, the last time that there was such a large and growing group in one party probably predates World War II. At that point in time, the isolationist winds were very strong – in both the Democrat and the Republican parties. Ultimately, FDR had to overcome these tendencies in order to lead the United States into World War II. Had the isolationists had their way, the Nazis would have fought against the Soviet Union without concern of a 2nd front from the West. Who knows how deep Hitler and the German war machine would have penetrated. It is indeed feasible that Germany would have overtaken much of the Soviet Union, and it would have cost even more millions of lives to free the world from tyranny.

Ilhan Omar and AOC are in the same mindset of Bernie Sanders. They want the United States to not be the leader of the free world. They want a world in which everybody does what they want whenever they want, and how they want. They want a world that is absent of absolute morals. It is this mindset that does not view people as having any responsibilities, but only rights – that is so potentially destructive. The world according to Ilhan Omar should not have borders between countries. Israel is an oppressor and the United States is complicit in Israel’s iniquities.

Most importantly, if one accuses Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism, she will complain about how she feels threatened. That is a good thing. Will the Democrat Party allow her power to grow and grow?

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