Israeli Arab Neighbor Steals and Attacks Jew; Arab Turns Out to be His Dentist at Clinic

by Leah Rosenberg

What an absolutely insane story. This shows the complexity of “coexistence” in Israel. An Israeli Arab, not a “Palestinian” Arab did this.

Israeli Arab Attacker Turns Out to be the Dentist

Can you imagine? Can you imagine if you were, G-d forbid, attacked? That in itself is frightening. But then can you imagine going to the dentist at your local clinic and discovering that the attacker was the dentist you were about to see? Well, that’s what happened here. An Israeli Arab attacked and stole from a Jewish man in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood. The Jewish man had security cameras, so the attackers faces were caught on camera.

How do you think he felt when he went to the dentist and discovered his attacker was the dentist at the local clinic?

Can coexistence happen? Maybe, and we hope. But when Israeli Arabs take advantage of all that Israel has to offer in a negative way, and when they use their blessed lives to hate on Jews, how are Israeli Jews supposed to feel? The world loves to give excuses about why Arabs act violently. They are not oppressed by Israel. And there is no excuse for acting violently anyway. This man is most definitely not oppressed! He was a dentist for one of Israel’s four public health insurance branches! There are no words.

The world needs to know this story.

Roe vs. Wade

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