The Fall Of Kabul, The Collapse of America, and the Coming Storm for Israel

by David Mark

Like the fall of Saigon, the fall of Kabul will be remembered for an end of an era of American control in a far flung country most Americans know almost nothing about.

Unlike Saigon, the America that had been the one anchor the world had against an endemic need in humanity for chaos is no longer around. Saigon was not the end of American hegemony in a strategic piece of territory, but rather the last chapter of a very unpopular war.

The fall of Kabul and with it the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban is very different. It is an admittance that American might in the Middle East and really elsewhere is on the decline. We all see it and feel it, Biden’s America just doesn’t have the stamina to continue and like with all giants, they never truly settle for second place or third, but rather just break apart.

The last empire who tried to rule Afghanistan was the Soviet Union. America supported the precursor to the Taliban and Al Qeida and these groups ground the mighty Soviet army down. The Soviets retreated in the 1980s and soon after, Gorbachev declared Perestroika – initiating the end of the Soviet Union.

Now it was Communist China’s turn to back the indigenous radicals against the USA and the same strategy worked. The USA spent trillions on a war machine to occupy and control the Pashtun heartland only to be chased out. The saying goes that Afghanistan and more specifically the Pashtun have never been conquered – so far this seems to be true.

With the fall of Kabul and Afghanistan, there will be more instability, more terror, and ultimately more danger to Israel and her Sunni allies. While it is clear that America is on its way out, Israel can rally its friends like the UAE and India and attempt to contain the growing threat – after all these countries have a vested interest in stopping an increase in Islamic terror. However, the world now sees that terror pays – one just has to be patient enough to win.

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