Israeli youth uncover 1100 years old pure gold coins

by Phil Schneider

A small fortune was dug up in Jerusalem. Is this newsworthy? Of course it is – even though this kind of a discovery happens every now and then in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a city on top of a city on top of a city – more than ten times over. The more you dig, the more you find, and the longer backwards you unearth history.

Most old cities have a history that goes back more than a few hundred years. Jerusalem goes back more than 3,000 years, and every day, more and more is discovered. One does not need to believe the stories of the Bible – one can simply see them with their own eyes in Jerusalem today. The significance of the discoveries of the Israel Antiquities Authority cannot be overemphasized. Any true discussion about the State of Israel and the rights of the Jewish people to the State of Israel must include the clear understanding of the age-old connection of the Jewish people to it’s homeland. More than 1,000 years before Christianity began, and more than 1,500 years before Mohammed was born, the Jewish people were praying to Jerusalem, and serving God in the Temple in Jerusalem.

The proof is not based on the writings of Josephus. That was just around 2,000 years ago. The proof is based on the Bible, the Old Testament. It is the one book in the world that all Jews have no disagreement on as to it’s authenticity. And every day that Israel digs, it finds more and more passages of the Bible that prove what we already know – the Bible is true, and the only people with a 3,000 year-old connection to the Land of Israel is the Jewish people.

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