An Arab just tore apart everything the “Palestinians” claim to be true

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Arab speaks like this, it is absolutely shocking. This is one of the harshest rebukes to the “Palestinians,” and it is worth listening to.

Posted by Nati Rom on Sunday, August 16, 2020

An Arab Tears Apart “Palestinians”

This Arab is not saying anything new necessarily. People who know the truth know what he is saying already. But it is the fact that HE is the one saying it and that he says it so powerfully. He says it in a way that makes you feel his passion. When an Arab destroys the “Palestinian” narrative about where they came from and the land they claim to be theirs, it is well worth the listen.

It is not the norm for Arabs to speak up like this. So when they do, are you really going to tell them that they are wrong? A man like the one in this video puts himself at risk by siding with the Jewish people and against the “Palestinians.”

Israel belongs to the Israelites

Not only does the Arab attack the fake history of the “Palestinians,” but he makes a point that the world needs to internalize: Israel belongs to the Israelites. It is that simple. Why can an Arab acknowledge it, but many world leaders cannot? People are so against the Jewish people living in their own homeland. But listening to this Arab speaks reminds the world that there ARE people who get it. There is hope for a peaceful future with the Arab countries. It seems to slowly be happening, and it will change everything.

Col. Kemp

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