Chicago Democratic mayor bans riots – only by her home

by Leah Rosenberg

Another Democratic mayor to allow violence and riots. Lori Lightfoot encourages the riots – as long as she is protected. Hypocrisy.

Democratic Mayor and Riots

The hypocrisy among every Democratic mayor is mind-boggling. If this wasn’t true, you would think it was funny. Lori Lightfoot is okay with violence and looting as long as it is far from her house. She wants to be protected but does not care about the rest of Chicago.

Does that make sense? Is that the type of person you want leading you? This is absolute hypocrisy.

Why is it that violent protesters are allowed to destroy businesses, injure people, assault policemen, and set things on fire, but Mayor Lightfoot wants to be protected? If she has the right to be protected, why does no one else? This is a perfect example of the Democratic party of today, sadly. Protecting themselves – but what have they done to protect you?

Black Americans Dying

No, Black Americans are not dying because of policemen. They are dying as a result of the Democratic narrative and the defunding of the police. They are dying at the hands of BLM rioters who are trying to destroy America.

Whoever cannot see this is completely blind. It is not something hidden. These facts are clear, and everyone has the ability to see what is actually happening.

Let go of your beliefs that you might have once had so that you can see what the Democratic party has become. It is not the Democratic party of our grandparents. It is not even the Democratic party of our parents. No, Democrats today are so radical that it is hard to even tell if they are American. It is frightening.

Some people are starting to wake up. But will it be enough to make a change? Only time will tell.

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