Black Lives Matter Activist Justifies Mass Looting

by Avi Abelow

What an absolute disgrace! Have you heard any outrage about this?

When will people start believing what is actually said?

Here is a black lives matter activist in Chicago explaining that looting is justified because it’s reparations!

Hundreds, of not thousands, of people have joined in the mass looting of stores in cities across the United States. Instead of denouncing it, Democratic leaders have been silent, ignoring it and some even calling it “peaceful” protests.

And all this looting has been done in the name of the black lives matter movement, for “racial equality”. 

Up until now, it was unclear to most of us how looting can be done in the name of racial equality. 

Now we know!

How is looting racial equality? Because it’s reparations! 

What an absolute disgrace! 

The bigger disgrace is the Democratic leadership silent and defending this chaos in the name of black lives matter. 

It’s not about racial equality, it’s about black lives matter and antifa creating the chaos necessary to upend the existing power structure of America so that they can then change it.

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