First UAE-Israel Commercial Flight Set To Fly and Iran Is Not Happy

by Micha Gefen

The first commercial flight between Israel and UAE is set to take off from Israel and land in the UAE next week. This flight continues the breakthrough and regional shift started by the Abraham Accords.

The flight between the UAE and Israel appears to be pushing other Gulf States into normalization with Israel. Countries like Bahrain and Oman are said to be close to agreeing to normalize.

Yet, not everything is utopian – not close.

To nights ago there was a security incident on Israel’s Northern Border, triggered by Hezbollah. The balloon war in Israel’s south with Hamas run Gaza continues to expand.

All of this is traced to Iran. As more and more Gulf States appear ready to pivot towards a breakthrough and normalize relations with Israel, the more Iran appears unhinged and angry.

So what’s next? The increased normalization between Israel and the Sunni States means increased defense tech and medical tech. Sharing of strategic foresight in stopping Iran is critical. In response Iran will order its proxies to attack Israel and then if all else fail attack the Gulf States itself.

Arab Incitement
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