Israeli Truckers to Bring the Worldwide Freedom Convoy Protest to Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Canadian PM Trudeau wanted the world to believe it was just a fringe minority, but the freedom convoy protest is catching on everywhere.

Israeli Truckers to Bring Freedom Convoy Protest to Jerusalem

All those joining the freedom convoy protest in Israel are saying that they are there to share the truth; to return the state of Israel to its citizens. People worldwide are furious about government restrictions with COVID. It is not even just “restrictions.” We are talking about the taking away of personal freedoms in countries that are considered free. Countries like Israel, Canada, the US – none of these places should be forcing citizens to get vaccinated and penalizing them when they don’t.

The truckers convoy started in Canada as a way to protest Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s rules about vaccine mandates and other COVID measures issued by the government. What started in Canada became a worldwide protest. There is even talk that the premier of the province of Quebec is going to tax the unvaccinated. Things are truly getting out of control.

Governments need to listen to the people. Governments need to stop imposing unfair regulations on its citizens; regulations that literally take away personal freedoms that should never be taken away. Regulations that do not even go along with science.

Enough is enough!

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