Israeli Politician put CNN Anchor in her Place After her Antisemitic Slur

by Phil Schneider

CNN’s attitudes towards the State of Israel are reflected more via the personality of Christianne Amanpour. She has taken a purely anti-Israel angle since the 1980’s. Now, she is recognized as an authority on nearly every international issue. She never has any trouble finding the way to bash Israel no matter what the issue is. Here she is hoping that the new rival of Benjamin Netanyahu will bash the Israeli policy of vaccinating it’s own citizens first and then vaccinating the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority. But after she realizes that she has met her match and will not succeed in duping Gideon Saar into her trap, she immediately silences him.

The tactic of silencing your interviewee is exactly the opposite of what a good interviewer ought to do. Amanpour is excellent at her craft. But she has an axe to grind whenever it comes to Israel, and is only looking for pro-“Palestinian” and anti-Netanyahu interviewees. This is the key when being attacked by the fake news outlets – don’t give in, but hit back with the facts.

Gideon Saar is one of the younger politicians in Israel vying to be the next Prime Minister of Israel. Although he has established himself as a foe of Prime Minister Netanyahu, they actually agree on many issues. Netanyahu is simply very skilled at keeping any potential up and coming leaders from gaining too much power against him within the Likud Party. So, instead of fighting from within, Saar and others have created their own new party in order to fight from the outside. Saar has served as the Minister of Education, and is considered a heavyweight among the younger generation of Likud Party leaders. Don’t be surprised if he ends up joining a Netanyahu-led government even though he expressly pledged to not do that when announcing his new political party.

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