Massive suicide attack in Baghdad after 3 years of relative quiet

by Leah Rosenberg

The suicide attack in Baghdad killed at least 32 people and injured over 100. Was it ISIS? Authorities think it’s possible.

Attack in Baghdad

Since ISIS fighters were defeated in 2017, Baghdad has not been the target of suicide attacks like it once was daily. But this suicide attack in Baghdad, on Thursday, January 21, was the first in 3 years. It was deadly and disastrous. Two men carried out the attack in a crowded market.

When the US was in Iraq after toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003, suicide attacks against civilians happened daily, mostly by Sunni Muslim insurgents. Then ISIS took over the daily attacks. Authorities think that ISIS might be making a comeback and that they are the ones responsible for this attack.

President Joe Biden will probably have to make a decision if he will keep Muslim militants from building up States within countries like Iraq and Syria. Will the United States allow ISIS type forces to become a major threat again? As Biden has appointed former Obama administration officials to key posts, we can expect more of the same. That means we should expect more radical Islamic activity. This will be one of many tests to the nascent Biden Presidency.

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