Israel-Sudan Peace Deal Gives Israel A New Foothold On The Horn Of Africa

by Micha Gefen

Of all the peace deals connected to the Abraham Accords, the hardest understand to the casual observer is Sudan. At first glance it appears that the Trump administration was just trying to tally another win, but if we look deeper we can see why second only to the UAE, it may be the most important.

For years Israel has built a very strong relationship with Ethiopia. So much so, that they have hosted the current president and have signed security deals with the government in Addis Ababa.

The relationship with Ethiopia had been extremely important given Iran’s partnership with Sudan. The latter country was used to as a key destination for weapons smuggling on behalf of the regime in Tehran.

With Chinese expansion over the Horn of Africa a fait accompli, giving Iran near control over the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, Sudan becomes a clear strategic asset for Israel as it lies along the Red Sea.

With the Israel-Sudan peace deal, Israel not only gains a strategic ally along the Red Sea, but now has cracked a deal with one of the largest and influential states in Africa.


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