The New Secretary of State promises to “keep” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

We have to be thankful and grateful whenever the situation presents itself. In his Senate confirmation hearing, President Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the Biden administration recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will keep the US Embassy in Jerusalem is nothing to take for granted. This is definitely a positive start, but the question is will he continue on this path?

New Secretary of State and Jerusalem

While previous US administrations would publicly state that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital, not moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem was the key act that showed the world that the US did not really stand by that as policy. President Trump changed that, finally allowing for US foreign policy to truly accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Blinken was an active participant in the Obama/Biden administration. Following the eight years of the Obama/Biden administration that did not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and did not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it is nothing to take for granted that he now publicly accepts this new reality.

For those who love the state of Israel and the Jews, this seems to be a good start. After such a strong relationship between Trump and Israel, it is a little worrisome to have a new administration coming in who does not have a history of supporting Israel the same way Trump did for four years of his presidency.

President Biden has picked many Obama administration people to fill his administration as well. Not only are they not pro-Israel, but they are also pro-rapprochement with Iran, to renew the Iran deal that empowered and enriched Iran to terrorize the region.

What will the relationship between the US and Israel be? Will the US put pressure on Israel? Will they stop believing the Jewish state has every right to exist with secure borders?

Blinken made a strong and commendable promise. Now we wait and see what his foreign policy will be, whether good for the US, Israel relationship, or damaging, as it was under Obama. Only time will tell.

We must be thankful when necessary, yet be cautious as we move forward. The eight years of the Obama/Biden administration, with the same players returning to the arena of influence is very troubling.


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