Israeli Mother of 5 Battling Ovarian Cancer Finally Hopeful with Treatment in Turkey

by Avi Abelow

I have a friend and colleague, David, who also runs a successful blog standing up strong for Israel called David and his wife, Ahava Emuna, have five beautiful children. Unfortunately, Ahava has been battling with metastatic ovarian cancer for a number of years. After years of unsuccessful treatments, they have finally found a treatment in Turkey that is working. They have seen with their own eyes promising results! It is very emotional to watch Ahava speak about this breakthrough herself. After years of following her updates, it is heartwarming to see her smile with a positive update. But, our prayers and donations are still needed to help her beat cancer with this hopeful treatment. I had the privilege of interviewing Ahava Emunah. What a powerhouse of a woman!

Prayers and Good Deeds

For years, Ahava Emuna Lange, has made only one request to “please keep me in mind in your prayers and when doing good deeds.”

Ahava’s fight has reached a critical point, and for the first time, she needs the financial support of her friends across the world. Together with her husband David, she is full of hope that this new approach could indeed prove to be revolutionary; and as we well know, she will do anything to keep up the hope that she can continue to see her beautiful children grow up with their mother.

We are all coming together to help raise money to help Ahava and David cover the costs of this treatment. Please click here and donate generously.

Ahava is a prolific writer and you can read some of her articles and her very personal journey on her blog

Tax Deductible Donations

For those in Israel or the United States who would like to make their donation to Ahava Lange’s medical expenses tax deductible, they can give via the Ohel Yona Menachem Tzedaka Fund and receive an official receipt. One hundred percent of the funds donated in this method will go directly to the Lange’s expenses.

Israeli Donations – Bank transfer

Please deposit shekels to this bank account:

Beit Knesset Shivtei Yisrael בית כנסת שבטי ישראל
Bank Discount 11 בנק דיסקונט
Branch Number 167 סניף בית שמש
Account Number 129432565 חשבון

Please ensure that you note that the donation is for Ahava Lange, and also email the details to once the deposit is made.

Israeli Donations- Credit card or check
To make a credit card donation, or to send a NIS check, please contact

U.S. Donations – check only
Please make your check payable to the Central Fund of Israel and contact

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